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Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 2 Organizational Structure This paper’s purpose is to outline and examine different job analysis approaches, which can be used by an HR manager to define and describe a job position within an organization. A job analysis is to be developed for a customer service representative for a company that sells many products online. The problem that this organization is facing is that they have experienced rapid growth in a little amount of time, and they have been unable to fill customer service positions. As a result, the HR manager must develop a job analysis for this position. A job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations of a specific job (Noe,, 2014). As an HR manager, one of the main tasks is creating and analyzing positions within the organization. In order to do so the HR manager must systematically analyze the job and identify all facts that is relevant to the positron. They must also observe and study all tasks associated with the particular job in question, which in this case is the customer service representative. They must completely define the job to identify a person who would be a good fit for this position within the organization. In doing so the HR manager ensures that anyone who fills these positions are in line with the values of the company and they will be able to achieve any goals set by the organization. The job analysis includes three main components, the job description, the job specification, and the job context. These are imperative to the hiring process and when conducting employee development. If the job analysis is done correctly it will provide candidates with an understanding of the job and what is expected of them. In addition to this is assists the management team with developing performance requirements and aides in training and evaluation of knowledge gain after on boarding.

Unformatted text preview: Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 1 Assignment 2: Organizational Structure DJhonna M. Jones JAMES ZIEGLER Human Resource Foundations 09 August 2013 Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 2 Abstract: The scope of this paper will analyze three basic elements of job analysis, in addition it will discuss the significance of analysis in employee hiring and development as aspects of human resource management. The paper will go on to discuss a description of the importance of the position analysis questionnaire otherwise known as PAQ. We will propose two ways that the results of the Position Analysis Questionnaire can be used for work redesign of a customer service position in order to make it more efficient and to improve quality. This paper will go on to develop two strategies that a human resource professional can use in the selection of a qualified applicant for a customer service position based on the Fleishman Job analysis system. The paper will closely consider the job of a customer service representative who handles consumer inquiries for a company that sells items online and catalog. Then examine two challenges of designing this job for efficiency, and two suggestions for how the job can be redesigned to make it more efficient. Finally there will be a proposal of three ways the human resource manager can use the information obtained from a job analysis to measure the performance of the customer service representatives. Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 3 1. Analyze three elements of a job analysis and discuss its significance to the hiring and employee development aspects of Human resource management. For an increase in efficiency in the hiring and retention of candidates it is recommended to follow nine steps to in the recruitment processes alone (University California Riverside, 2013). The first step is an identification of the vacancy. Keep in mind that recruitments provide an opportunity for each department to align their staff skill sets to the initiatives and goals as well as the planning of departmental and individual growth. So the hiring process, though a lot of work, is essential to hiring the right person for the role and the team. With both creating a position and with replacement of an employee, the job analysis is used to tailor the position to what is currently required and to obtain proper classification of the position. The job analysis enables the HRM to review the role in order to decide if there will be any changes to the position or if any will be needed. As with most job analysis, the breakdown will provide the necessary information on whether more training is needed before hiring or if it is possible to find someone and train them on the job. Employee development is often decided at the hiring level. What this means is during the development and decision to advertise a position, the human resource manager must evaluate through looking at a job analysis what is necessary to be hired with and whether or not it can be done as on the job learning. In a lot of cases the HR develops training in order to keep employees up to date on the latest innovation in their particular field. Using the job analysis the Human Resources are able to find the qualifications that are required for a particular position then balance this against what is available within that department. This gives them the ability to see what is needed and what is not as far as training is concerned. The two basic ways of using Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 4 the job analysis in training is to train to suit the individuals that are recently hired and to keep these qualifications up to date. 2. Describe the importance of the position analysis and questionnaire (PAQ). Propose two ways that the results of a PAQ can be used by Human Resource Managers for work redesign of a customer service job to make it more efficient and to improve quality. The Position Analysis Questionnaire is used by a job analyst to conduct interviews or is often completed by the incumbent. The PAQ is the most well known and used method of to approach a job analysis. Made of 194 job elements, these elements are worker oriented and are classified as worker behaviors (Job Analysis Questionnair, 2013). A PAQ is used for a number of job related functions. The PAQ is used for job evaluations; this is to see if the employee is performing his or her duties as they are described, or going above and beyond in their day to day activities. A PAQ is also used in job selection compensation planning assessment-center development, development of job families, vocational counseling and other wide scale company needs (Job Analysis Questionnair, 2013). The PAQ has proven to be the most reliable way to analyze job positions. In an analysis of 92 jobs by independent groups, the PAQ yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.79 (Jeanneret, 1988). Two ways that the results of a PAQ can be used by Human Resources Managers to redesign a customer service job to make it more efficient and to improve quality are to first analyze the PAQs that have been completed by employees and employers to see what abilities can be trained on once hired and what are a basic necessity to being hired. Once this information is obtained, it can be balanced off of customer satisfaction questionnaires. In using the questionnaires, human resources can look for the weaknesses in their customer service Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 5 department that would not be readily apparent to those working there. Using the combination of information the HRM can then design a job posting that keeps in mind what is necessary for the initial job placement. What can be taught once the incumbent is hired and what skills to continue to develop for those already in place. The PAQ can also be used to do employee evaluations to groom the employees to their best customer service abilities while helping those that are not quite as adept see where they need improvement. 3. Develop two strategies that a human resource professional can use in the selection of a qualified applicants for a customer service position based on the Fleishman Job Analysis system. Otherwise known as the F-Jas, the Fleishman job analysis system consists of a series of what are known as “behaviorally anchored” seven point ratings scales. These scales allow those familiar with the job tasks to rate at what level each ability is required to perform at. Some of its special features include the precise nature of the ability definitions and examples of the job tasks that require various levels of a particular ability. The F-Jas is a comprehensive report that is produced summarizing a ranking of items of importance, statistical analyses as well as interpretive materials (Society for Human Resource Management, 2008). Using the system as a method of selecting qualified applicants can be done in many ways. Of those ways the two that stand out are in giving a minimum and a maximum in scoring for a particular qualification. Using the F-Jas material to do this you are able to narrow the number of qualified applicants to a more reasonable number depending on what position in customer service you are looking to fill. The F-Jas also can assist the HRM in what is considered a good working knowledge of and what must be trained for incumbents specifics of knowledge. The Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 6 ranking of items of importance can also be used to tailor the position to the necessities of the company. With the ranking for example the need for communication skill can be 10 out of 10 where the need for typing skills can be 4 out of 10. This enables a means to adjust and fit the position to the department and find a particular match of skill sets in a potential incumbent. 4. Consider the job of a customer service representative who handles consumer inquiries for a company that sells items online and by catalog. Examine two challenges of designing this job for efficiency. Propose two suggestions for how the job can be redesigned to make it more efficient. Two challenges for designing this particular position for efficiency are that the company itself is designed to be efficient to the consumer. Because all transactions are done online or by catalog, the information that the customer service representative must access is all a digital stream. Another challenge is whether this would be a company that has a home base or hubs throughout their market area. To design this job for efficiency the company’s needs and requirements must be considered. A company without a store site, who operates online and by catalog will need customer service representatives how are computer savvy, or at least relatively computer literate. All of the transactions that the customer service representative will be found by remote access making all information digital. Two suggestions to make the position more efficient are to consider telecommuting, as well as hiring “home workers”. By allowing the representative access the data remotely, by home or other “office” it saves money on renting building space to house workers when they are “on the clock”. In addition it provides the work life balance option that many incumbent look for in a position. Advertising for home workers or those that does all of the work from home, which Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 7 is a lot like telecommuting, but they are hired specifically for their access to computer and internet usage. These individuals can be interviewed via telephone eliminating some of the travel cost and hiring costs that are common to companies that operate out of a definitive building space. To summarize the difference in both ways is in the way the incumbent is hired, either with them occasionally coming into an office or with them operating entirely out of their own home. 5. Propose three ways the human resource manager can use the information obtained from a job analysis to measure the performance of the customer service representatives. Three ways that the human resource manager can use the information obtained from a job analysis in the measurement of a customer service representative’s performance are for periodic evaluations, for promotion evaluations and for compensation and benefits. These three areas are not often associated with customer service representative jobs but are part of all job processes. The job analysis helps the human resource manager with periodic evaluations by giving them an outline of where the employee should be in terms of training and performance. For example, after six months of work in the customer service department the incumbent should be able to answer the phones properly and be able to locate with little help information from the system on the customers product or status of complaint. Though this may be very little for an actual customer service department it gives those in Human Resources an idea on what to evaluate the employee on. This leads into determination of promotion eligibility as well. The job analysis gives an outline of where the individual should be at this point of experience. Finally with that amount of experience the analysis gives what the expected compensation would be. Assignment 2: Organizational Structure 8 Works Cited Basu, C. (n.d.). Three Different Types of Psychological Testing Used in the Workplace. Retrieved 08 10, 2013, from Houston Chronical: Hurst, C. L. (2008). Position Analysis Questionnaire Used to document details of position attributes to prepare or update a job description. Phoenix: ASU Office of Human Resources. James O'Toole, E. E. (2006). The New American Workplace. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Jeanneret, E. M. (1988). Position Analys Questionaire. In S.Gale, The Job Analysis Handbook for Business, Industry, and Government (p. Vol. 2). New York: John Wiley. Job Analysis Questionnair. (2013). Retrieved August 8, 2013, from PAQ Services: Raymond Noe, J. H. (2014). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. New York: McGraw Hill. Society for Human Resource Management. (2008, 05 07). SHRM. Retrieved 07 20, 2013, from MRI Fleishman Job Analysis Survey Online: Pages/FJAS.aspx University California Riverside. (2013, June 24). UCR Human Resources. Retrieved August 09, 2013, from Recruitment and Selection Hiring Process: ...
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