Masterplan Aeronautics Critical Thinking

While I do enjoy Masterplan's S/t and MKII, this is complete faggotry. I don't know what the difference is, since aesthetically, the albums are quite similar. There's just this one quality I can't put my finger on, but I know it's there.


I can put my finger on it. It's called balls. Their s/t had some, and so did MkII, but Aeronautics, for the most part, lacks it. It lacks balls entirely. I listen to the songs, and I get the feeling like I'm listening to straight up boy band sell out faggotry with guitars. While I hated introducing this to my CD for that reason, I shall cite 2 songs that epitomise this phenomenon: I'm Not Afraid and Back for My Life. I cannot listen to those two songs, because they are not power metal. They claim to be power metal, but no, they aren't metal, and they solidly lack any sort of power. Sure, there were songs like this on the s/t like Enlighten Me. However, I don't remember the entire album being proliferated with songs like that... it's like they forgot that to be called power metal, you need to have POWER, and you need to be METAL. I suppose I shouldn't review this album, because I despise the style they're trying to be.

I could go down to specifics, but I really cannot stand listening to Aeronautics. It's that bad. It's not so much that the bad songs are terrible (oh, believe me, they are terrible) so much that the good songs are terrible too. I can tell which songs are supposed to be the "power" songs and which songs aren't, and the "power" songs lack any sort of power. Sure, Roland Grapow can play, but what difference does that make if he doesn't use his skills creatively? Sure, Jorn Lande can sing, but don't expect to hear evidence of his amazing singing skills here; his skills are absent, being content to sing in this rockish drawl, crooning his way through much of the album. Your name is Jorn Lande, not Jorn Presley. I expected to hear Jorn's powerful high pitched wails, not this subdued croon.

What really perplexes me is that Aeronautics was marketed towards metalheads, yet I find a disturbing lack of metal here. This isn't a CD you blast at full volume in your car whilst headbanging. I can't find a suitable situation to listen to this, unless you're so fucked up you don't care what music you listen to. I really can't put into words how much of a letdown this is if you're following Masterplan's career; they went from being a respectable, if not a bit flamboyant power metal band to a shitty radio rock band. What's even more odd is that they went back to their more metal sound, with the infusion of fresh blood (Mike Terrana was the most notable) on MK II. Jorn Lande, despite his amazing talent, has horrible taste in music, because I heard Aeronautics is more towards Jorn's liking than the rest of the band. Well, I'm glad they kicked him out then, because another Aeronautics would not be acceptable.

In short, avoid this, get their other 2 albums, those are all you'll need from Masterplan, Aeronautics is a waste of plastic and a shame to the world of metal for being so flamboyantly unmetal and, for a lack of a better word, GAY. This album is INCREDIBLY gay, and not in a derogatory sense, as in, it makes me think of Jorn chugging cock when he sings on this album. And seeing as the only people I want to visualize chugging cocks are hot pornstars with delicious lips, I don't ever want to listen to Aeronautics again.

Aeronautics is the second album by the German power metal band Masterplan. It's the first album to feature playing and songwriting by members Axel Mackenrott (keyboards) and Iron Savior bassist Jan S. Eckert, who both joined the band shortly after the recordings of the debut album.

The song After This War is a re-written version of Iron Savior song After The War, which is on the album Dark Assault and was written by Jan S. Eckert and Piet Sielck.

Track listing[edit]

All songs were written by Masterplan, except where noted.

1."Crimson Rider"3:59
2."Back for My Life"4:12
4."I'm Not Afraid"5:30
5."Headbanger's Ballroom"4:55
6."After This War" (M&L: Masterplan / Piet Sielck)3:50
7."Into the Arena"4:11
8."Dark from the Dying"4:09
9."Falling Sparrow"5:33
10."Black in the Burn"9:42
1."Treasure World" (Digipack Edition, as track # 11)3:50
2."Love is a Rock" (Japanese Version, as track # 6)4:31
3."Hopes and Dreams" (Japanese Version, as track # 12)2:04



  • Produced by Andy Sneap and Masterplan
  • Recorded by Andy Sneap and Roland Grapow at Crazy Cat Studio, Hamburg (GER)
  • Mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studio, Helsinki (FIN)
  • Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio, Helsinki (FIN)
  • Bandphotos by Dirk Schelpmeier
  • Layout & Album cover by Thomas Ewerhard



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